Betting Shops Near Me

Betting Shops Near Me

Betting shops have existed for centuries, providing endless entertainment for gamblers of all backgrounds. Gambling with a betting shop can now happen in two different ways - online or offline. Online gambling gives people the opportunity to place bets in an instant without having to leave their homes. Whereas brick and mortar establishments provide an unparalleled atmosphere for gamblers to enjoy.

Now, most towns and cities have a hoard of betting shops to choose from, including Ladbrokes, Coral and Betfred, amongst others. So, if you're wondering - where are all the betting shops near me? Look no further, as we have all the information here. 

The History of Betting Shops in Britain

The running of betting shops was illegal in the UK until 1961. However, they still very much existed for centuries before this - everybody knew where the betting shops were. If they ever asked themselves 'where are the betting shops near me', the answer was clear, even with their underground, illegal status. After the legalisation, betting shops opened up on every street corner, taking wagers on horse racing, cricket, football, hound racing, politics, social events and much, much more. At first, regulations were tight and betting shops in Britain had to black out their windows so as to not be seen to tempt punters in on the promise of big wins. Into the 1980s, they were allowed to serve hot drinks and provide a more homely, entertaining atmosphere. From there, betting shops became a community hub for locals.

Coral Betting Shops Near Me 

Wondering where to find a Coral betting shop near me? Look no further. Coral betting shop has more than 1800 betting shops spread across the UK.

Like most established betting shops, Coral began before gambling was legalised. It was back in the 1920s when Joe Coral began his career as a bookies runner in Stoke Newington. As his experience developed, he started to accept bets at a town hall. In the 1960s after the ban on betting shops was lifted, Joe was one of the first people to open a betting shop - Corals. By the end of 1970, he had more than 600 betting shops open. After his death in 1996, Coral was sold to Morgan Grenfell Private Equity. They were also early to go online, predicting that the internet would help them reach wider audiences.

Coral offers a huge spread of gambling opportunities. If you are into sports betting, and are wondering where you can do sports betting at a Coral betting shop near me, you're in for a treat. Coral offers bets in football, rugby, ice hockey, basketball, rowing, gymnastics, horse racing and much, much more. Sports betting isn't the only option. You can bet on political activities both online and offline with Coral. If there's a big election coming up, Coral will have you covered with some fantastic political betting odds. Finally, Coral offers a fun entertainment area for casino gambling. So, if the roulette is your thing, or you fancy your chances on the slots, Coral has you covered.

If you prefer the active and entertaining environment of a proper betting shop, you can put your laptop away and head to your local coral store. All you have to do is go to the Coral store locator or type into your browser 'Coral betting shops near me'. 

Ladbrokes Betting Shops Near Me

Ladbrokes is one of the most trusted gambling sites in the world. Offering bets in horses, football, finances, poker, bingo and much more, this extensive betting establishment has something for everyone. It's even available in 23 languages and 16 currencies, with ongoing international expansion and more than 2700 betting shops in the UK alone. Their parent company has been in business since 1886, which is long before gambling shops were legalised in the UK. Ladbrokes began under a different name and originally focused just on horse racing. They then adopted the name Ladbrokes in 1902 and went on to venture into other areas of gambling. In 1967, Ladbrokes owned approximately 100 betting shops. In 1972, Ladbrokes acquired London & Leeds Development Corporation and managed to expand to 1,100 UK betting shops. In the 1980s, Ladbrokes managed to go international with shops in Belgium and the United States. From there, it was only upwards for the thriving gambling shop. Interestingly, Ladbrokes purchased Coral, a competing betting shop, in 1998. However, the government ordered Ladbrokes to sell Coral again after the Monopolies and Mergers Commission decided that the acquisition was deemed anti competitive.

One of the great things about Ladbrokes is the diverse number of gambling opportunities. Long gone are the days when they'd only offer horse racing. There is now something for everybody.

If you are into sports betting, you're in luck. Ladbrokes offer bets in rugby, football, ice hockey, badminton, tennis, basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, horse racing and much, much more. You can follow various leagues and competitions depending on what's on. Got an Olympics looming? Head to a ladbrokes betting shop near me and have a flutter. Sports betting isn't the only option. You can bet on political activities with Ladbrokes betting shops. An election home or abroad can give you the perfect betting opportunity.Interestingly, Ladbrokes will also let you gamble on TV and entertainment. For example, you might want to place a bet on who wins Britain's Got Talent. Finally, if you're a lover of the casino, you're in luck. Ladbrokes offers a thriving entertainment area for casino gambling. Play the slots or roulette and see how lucky you get. Fund your online account or visit a Ladbrokes betting shop near me and get the full Las Vegas gambling experience. Worried about your spending? Ladbrokes will let you set a cap on your bets so that you don't go over budget. Much like other major betting stores, it is committed to responsible gambling and keeps your safety and wellbeing in mind.

To find a Ladbrokes betting shop, you can either go online or visit your nearest store. Type into your browser 'Ladbrokes betting shops near me' for more information. Your browser will be able to pick up your location and give you a map so that you can find your nearest betting shop near me. 

Betfred Betting Shops Near Me

Betfred came into existence thanks to the 1966 England win of the World Cup. The owner, Fred, owned a company called Done Bookmakers. Ahead of the game, he placed a rather daring bet that England would win, which brought him enough money to be able to found Betfred, with the first store opening in Salford.

By the year 2000, there were more than 200 Betfred betting shops in the UK. In 2005, Betfred opened its 500th shop in Cardiff. Now, Betfred has more than 1650 shops across the UK.

Betfred, much like the other major betting shops near me, offers a wide spread of gambling options for everyone. No matter what you're interested in, whether it be sports, politics or casino, Betfred has it.

If you are into sports betting, you're in luck. Betfred betting shops near me offer bets in rugby, cricket, tennis, football, ice hockey, badminton, gymnastics, horse racing and much, much more. You can follow and bet on a number of leagues and competitions depending on what's on, including the Premier League and Championships. You can follow the sports games online in real time, or you can visit a Betfred shop near me and watch the game on one of the many large TV screens. Betfred even offer their own exclusive TV channel following all the major sporting events and more. Sports betting isn't the only option. Betfred shops near me also offer a full casino experience. If you can't afford to go to Vegas, you can certainly bring Vegas to your living room thanks to Betfred. Enjoy the slots, roulette or poker both online and offline with Betfred. Novelty bets are also popular with Betfred. You might want to bet on what the next royal baby will be called, and Betfred can accommodate.

To find a Betfred betting shop, you can either go online or visit your nearest store. Type into your browser 'Betfred betting shops near me' for more information. Your browser will be able to pick up your location and give you a map so that you can find your nearest betting shop near me. 

Online or Offline Betting?

These days, it is normal to do the bulk of your gambling online. Not only do Betfred, Ladbrokes and Coral have mobile sites, but also have apps that you can download to your phone and access day or night. Want to place a bet quickly? Online betting can help you do this. You don't need to visit your local Coral store at 9am to place a bet in time for a game. You can simply log onto your Coral account (or whichever betting establishment you decide to gamble with) and place your bet in an instant. Convenience is a huge benefit to doing this, as is speed, control and getting instant notifications.

To set up an online account with any betting shop, the steps are simple. You enter your details as part of a registration form. You may be required to confirm your age and possibly show ID. You will need a valid bank account, and will be asked to give your bank details so that money can be taken and deposited into your account. Once you're all set up, you can fund your online account with an amount of cash you're comfortable with. Normally, the minimum amount you can deposit into your online account is £10. Once your account is funded with an amount of money you're happy with, you can begin gambling. The odds on each bet will be clearly displayed and will change depending on what happens (for example, an inplay game will see odds changing based on what's happening in the game). Fill your betslip with your bets, then fund your betslip using the amount of money in your account. If you win, your winnings will instantly be placed into your account for you to either use again or withdraw.

The downside to online gambling is, of course, you lose the social element. Going to a local betting shop near me, whether it be Coral, Ladbrokes, Betfred, or some other place, has a social element to it. You can meet local gamblers, socialise with friends and be in good company as your favourite horse crosses the finish line in first place. There really is nothing like the cheering and congratulatory atmosphere of a big win. Something an app simply won't give you.

Another disadvantage of online gambling is that it's only suitable for those who are confident using technology like smartphones and computers. It can be easy to get lost if you are not familiar with tech.

So the choice is yours. You can online, offline, or do a bit of both.

If you want to experience the life and soul of a gambling shop, but aren't sure where to look, all you have to do is open your browser and type in 'betting shop near me'. If you are looking for a specific store, such as Ladbrokes or Coral, you can look up 'Ladbrokes betting shops near me' or 'Coral betting shops near me'. Your browser will recognise your location and show you a map of your local betting shops, as well as directions on how to get there. Typically, every town will have a betting shop of some sort - and if you live in a city, you'll have your pick of dozens.

Most betting shops are open between the hours of 9am and 9pm.However, some will stay open later or close earlier. To find out the opening times of a specific betting shop, go to their website and click on Opening Times.

Gambling on sports, politics or casino can be a thrilling and exhilarating experience, and has the potential to make you a nice sum of money. It can also be risky, so it is essential you gamble safely and follow the protocol and safety advice offered by all major betting shops. 

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