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What you should know when looking for a bookies near me now

Even with the rise of online gaming, there is still a place for traditional high street bookmakers in the UK. This is because there is something special about visiting a bookmaker in person rather than simply placing a bet online. For many people, it's simply not the same placing a bet unless they do so in a bricks-and-mortar bookmakers. Let's take a look at this in more detail. Why visit a bookies nearby? When people look for a bookies near me now they may be doing so for several reasons. These reasons include: ● Wanting the social interaction that a bookmakers can provide. ● Needing the convenience of a quick visit to the bookmakers and not having access to online gaming at the time. ● Wanting to include a visit to a bookmakers in a full day of social activity. So, what information can help when looking for a bookies near me now? Most popular bookies on the UK high Street One of the most useful pieces of information to have, when looking for a bookies on the high street in the UK, is which brands are available.

Here are some of the most popular UK bookmakers that have branches on the high street. William Hill William Hill is one of the biggest brands when it comes to bookmakers in the UK. The brand had already established a following of more than half a million people before it even opened its first shop. Nowadays, William Hill still has thousands of outlets across the UK where customers can place a bet on a range of sporting events. Ladbrokes Ladbrokes is one of the oldest bookmakers in the world, having been in existence since around 1896. It was founded by Schwind and Pennington who were originally based at UK horse racing tracks. Following the legalisation of high street betting in 1961, the Ladbrokes brand had established more than 100 shops within 6 years. Ladbrokes merged with the Coral brand in 2016 before being bought by GVC Holdings in 2018. Despite the changes in ownership, Ladbrokes stores are still a familiar sight on the UK high street. Coral Part of the Ladbrokes Coral brand since the merger of 2016, Coral was originally founded in 1926. The founder of the company was Joseph Kagarlitsky, who changed his name to Joe Coral.

He was originally a runner for bookmakers before deciding to create his own brand. Following the legalisation of betting in 1961, Coral opened his first betting shop. Since then, the company has bought the Gala brand and merged with the Ladbrokes brand. The newly formed Ladbrokes Coral brand was purchased by GVC Holdings in 2018. Despite all this business activity, Coral is still a familiar name when it comes to bricks and mortar bookmakers in the UK. Betfred BetFred was originally founded by two Salford born brothers, Peter and Fred Done. They got their experience in the betting industry by working as runners for their father's company. From 1967 onwards the brothers went independent. This is when they began setting up their own betting shops. The money for setting up the shops came from a bet which they placed on England winning the World Cup in 1966. Since the brand was originally set up, Betfred has continued to flourish across the UK. There are still more than 1,300 Betfred branches for customers to visit. Paddy Power Paddy Power is a brand that originates in Ireland and has become a familiar sight on high streets across the UK. The first shops in the Paddy Power brand were opened in 1988. Having said that, the brand could be said to have originated long before that. This is because it involved the amalgamation of three other brands, David Power, Stewart Kenny and John Corcoran.

Since its early days, Paddy Power has continued to grow in popularity. It has become known as one of the friendliest and most down-to-earth bookmaking brands in the UK and Ireland. Since the Paddy Power brand merged with Betfair in 2016 it is said to be worth around £10 billion. Finding a location for bookies near me now For anyone who wants to place a bet in a bricks-and-mortar bookmakers, the phrase bookies near me now comes to mind. They need to know where there is a bookmakers in close proximity where they can easily place a bet. The good news is that there are still plenty of stores, representing the brands discussed earlier, that are available for people to visit. There are also several smaller independent bookmakers represented across the UK. In certain areas, bookmakers are easier to find. These areas will often be in the centre of a city close to pubs and dining venues. Bookmakers specifically choose these spots as locations for their shops because they know there is a lot of daily footfall available. This means that for people who are socialising in these areas there should usually be a bookmaker within walking distance. Bookmakers are also often found close to places where a lot of people are employed, such as factories. These locations are chosen in order to attract people to the shops after they have finished work.

The easiest way to find the location of bookies near me now is to use Google's search facility. Doing this gives access to results in Google Maps which means that directions to the nearest bookmakers are made available. If someone wants to visit a bookmakers and does not have access to the Internet, the easiest way to find a local branch is usually to ask around. People who work or live in the local area will normally be able to provide directions. Finding opening hours for bookies near me now Once the location of a local bookmakers is known, it's also a good idea to find out when the branch is open. Having this information in advance prevents wasting time by turning up and finding that the shop has already closed. The best way to find opening hours for a bookmakers nearby is to carry out a Google search for the information. It's also possible to phone 118 directory enquiries and get a number for the branch, before giving them a call to find out their opening hours. The option of placing a bet online For anyone who is looking for bookies near me now, there is the option of using an online sportsbook. All of the major brands that were mentioned earlier have an online facility available for customers to use.

This can be a good option, especially when the nearest bookmakers is a long distance away. There are several advantages to be had from placing a bet online. ● Convenience of being able to place a bet without travelling to a high street bookmaker. ● Availability of a wide range of different betting markets. ● Bookmaker and casino facilities often available using the same account. ● Mobile websites and apps available for most of the big bookmaking brands. ● In play betting available for many sporting occasions. These advantages are useful for anyone who wants to place a bet there and then. This can include occasions such as when people are watching a football match in the pub and want to make things more interesting by having a bet on the outcome. The advantages of placing a bet in a bricks-and-mortar bookmakers There is no doubt that many people are now choosing to place bets online. Given the advantages identified earlier it's easy to see why this is the case. However, there are still advantages to be had from choosing to bet in a high street branch of a bookmakers. For instance, many bookmakers have branches that are in close proximity to pubs.

This means that paying a visit to a bookies can be included as part of a day's social activity, together with having a few drinks and eating out. For some people, visiting a bookies also gives them an opportunity to mix with other people that they would not otherwise have. In summary There are several things to do when looking for a bookies near me now. There is always the option of placing a bet using a mobile device. This means that people have access to a bookmakers straight away, no matter where they are. It's also worth remembering that online betting is available 24/7 so there is no need to worry about opening times for bookmakers. However, for anyone who prefers to visit a bricks-and-mortar bookmaker, there are ways to find out where the nearest branch is. It's possible to search online for details and find directions. It's also possible to ask people in the area and get directions from them. It's a good idea to find out the opening times for a branch of a bookmakers before going there. This can be done by simply carrying out an online search or by phoning the branch directly. Once directions and opening times are obtained it's simply a case of paying a visit to the bookmakers and enjoying the activity of placing a bet.