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What to Do if There's a Bookies Near Me Open Now

I used to lie on the couch in the evenings and wonder if there was a bookies near me open now, and I bet you're the same. They are everywhere at the moment because they're a great way to spend your free time, but what do you do when you find one? To ensure you make the best of your free time I've put together the ultimate guide you and your mates can use to have the best day of your lives. All it'll take is a few minutes of reading, a little bit of planning, and then world will be your oyster. Don't believe me? Take a look at how I did it! Get in touch with your sport loving mates ASAP The first thing you need to do is start a chat group with all your mates who are likely to fancy a flutter. It doesn't matter whether they're complete rookies, seasoned pros, or somewhere in between. Get as many people involved as you can, and then get ready for a day you'll never forget. There's bound to be a few last minute cancellations, and there's not a whole lot you can do about that to be honest with you.

Play the odds (you're about to go betting after all) and you'll end up with more than enough mates to make a day of it. Check what sports are in action this afternoon Live sport is what betting is all about, and the moment you find there's a bookies near me open now, you need to check out the sports listings. Is there a derby, a cup final, or a titanic 6-pointer at the bottom of the table about to kickoff? You won't know until you check, so make that your next port of call. It'll ensure you never miss the chance to make a quick buck on something you would have otherwise missed. Plus you get the satisfaction of knowing the fixtures list better than your mates, and dispensing your words of wisdom as the day unfolds. Study the form of the teams and horses Every favourite will have a day when they slip up seemingly out of the blue, but if you know what to look for, the signs will be there. There are so many little telltale indicators seasoned gamblers pick up on that you'd be a fool not to pick their brains every once in a while.

Perhaps there was an altercation at the training ground between the star striker and the manager who keeps playing him out wide when he wants to play right through the middle? Or maybe the captain hasn't been able to play all week because he's been ill? Once again, you won't know until you look, so you need to make sure you do your research sooner rather than later. The bookies will have done their's when they came up with the odds, so you'll have to at least match their effort if you're going to go home with their money. Find an accumulator that could pay out big Accumulators divide punters like nothing else I can think of. To some they're a nailed on way to earn thousands, to others they're as wasteful with a couple of quid as a lottery ticket. There are so many different options out there that you need to look at, so make the time to do it. When I need time and space to clear my head, I find a bookies near me open now, and then go in and work through everything for the weekend ahead. It gives me the chance to really assess the odds, and to put a few quid where I have the best chance of winning. Take it seriously, and you'll be the one who takes home some serious money when it's all said and done.

Fill up before you head out Just because your mates says, 'There's a bookies near me open now mate,' doesn't mean you should charge out the door without a moment's thought. Beating the bookies isn't about piling on the money and crossing your fingers as you hope for the best. It's about doing your research, having a good head on your shoulders, and keeping your cool under pressure. If you want to be able to get the better of them, you're going to need to fill your stomach with everything needed to stay sharp. The choice is up to you, but I really love pancakes and syrup with a little bit of a bacon on the side. It's a little bit American I know, but it's got just the right blend of sugar, carbs, and protein to keep me going all day long. Don't bet with your heart, even if you want to Betting with your heart is the best way to lose money, but that's obviously not what you're trying to do! Just because your team is playing doesn't mean you have to put £20 on them to win 4-0. You'd be bowled over by that scoreline, and quite rightly too, but you need to think how likely it is to happen. If it's a long shot then the odds of 2/1 really aren't worth it, are they? When you're weighing up whether to back them, think whether you would take the exact same bet if it was on a team you don't care about.

If you can't justify it, keep your money in your pocket this time. Only take out what you can afford to lose Every skilled sports betting pro knows that they should only bet what they can afford to lose. It sounds like common sense, but you'd be amazed at the number of people who never think to do it. They see every missed bet as money lost, and that's just not the right way to go about it at all. You need to think about what you've won, combined with what you stand to lose if you get things wrong. It happens to everyone, so don't be afraid to accept and disclose your loses to your mates. They'll be the ones who keep you honest, and they'll be able to come up with new ideas on how you can structure your bets. Just because there's a bookies near me open now doesn't mean I go down and bet everything I have. That would be madness, and it would lose me a lot of money very quickly. Follow my lead and you'll have a great day out. Head to the local for a halftime pint Everyone deserves a pint of the good stuff at halftime, and because you've got money on it you'll be first in line when they're taking orders. Everyone will know you need to get back to your seat in time for the second half, and they'll also want to know how much you stand to win.

Let them know how you're getting on and you'll really start to enjoy the social aspect of it all. It's so much more fun than putting a couple of bets on whilst you're at home on the couch, and it's a great way to meet a whole host of new mates. Embrace the new groups you find, and you'll soon become one of the regulars yourself. Ask the regulars who they're backing These are the people who know their sports inside out, and they're the fountains of wisdom that are just sat there waiting to be asked. They know everything there is to know about just about any sports contest, and they've made the money to prove it. Take the time to get to know them and you'll be amazed at the clever little tricks they've developed over the years. No online forum or gambling for dummies book will ever give you the expert advice of an experienced punter, so why go anywhere else? Start a bit of friendly competition Friendly competition and banter are what time off from work is all about.

When you want to instantly lift your mood, get one of your mates talking about the derby that kicks off later on. Once they're done telling everyone exactly how it's going to play out say, 'There's a bookies near me open now mate, put your money where your mouth is.' It'll get them thinking, and they'll have to put up or shut up. Perfect for getting the banter flowing like nothing else can. Take it easy, there's always more sport coming Probably the most important thing to remember is there'll always be more sport on the horizon. The reason I'm saying this is I've lost count of the number of times I've seen people throwaway their money on rubbish bets just because they wanted to bet. There will always be more opportunities to earn money, and just because it's quiet doesn't mean you should keeping chancing it until something happens. Be patient, develop a strategy, and when the time is right you'll stand the best possible chance of winning big.