Bookies Near Me Opening Times

Bookies Near Me Opening Times

Bookmakers including Ladbrokes, Coral, and Betfred are usually open between 7 am and 10 pm in the UK. However, opening times vary between branches. You can find the opening times for your local branch online using the Ladbrokes, Coral and Betfred shop locators.

What is a Bookmaker? 

A bookmaker, sometimes called a 'bookie', is a business that offers pre-determined odds on a variety of events. The company then accepts bets and pays punters based on the odds of winning. The odds for each event are determined based on the expected outcome of said events. Before high street betting shops were legalised in the United Kingdom, gambling occurred in secret in alleyways, pubs and gentlemen's clubs. When bookies were legalised in 1961, betting shops flourished.

Key Bookies Statistics 

In the United Kingdom, there are 6,735 betting shops, and the betting sector employs approximately 46,100 people. Gambling is a popular pastime in the UK; there are 30.6 million active online gambling accounts linked to licensed operators in the country, and a total of £838 million is held in online gambling accounts. Data from the most recent Gambling Commission report shows that the gross gambling yield for the remote betting, bingo and casino sector was £6.9 billion between April 2020 and March 2021, an 18.4% rise from April 2019 to March 2020.


Most Betfred shops are open between 7 am and 10 pm. However, opening times vary by location. To find the up-to-date opening times for your local branch, please use the Betfred shop locator. Today, Betfred has more than 1,300 branches employing around 6,000 people across the United Kingdom. The betting company enables punters to place bets on football, horse racing, boxing, eSports, hockey, cycling and many other events.

The History of Betfred

Founded by Fred and Peter Done in 1967, the first Betfred shop appeared in Ordsall, Salford. The Done brothers set their shop apart from the rest of the market by investing in its appearance, as at the time, betting shops had cold, unwelcoming interiors that encouraged punters to not hang around for too long. Additionally, the brothers were respectful of their customers, something that was not customary at the time. As a result, the brothers were able to expand their Betfred empire.

By the mid-80s, the Done brothers owned over 70 betting shops in the United Kingdom. In the late 1990s, Fred Done acquired Robert Walker bookmakers, meaning he now had over 100 shops in total. Only three years later, Done's betting shop empire was made up of over 200 shops, and the company expanded to Greater London for the first time. In 2004, Betfred launched its online platform,, where punters could engage in digital sports betting, bingo, lotto, casino, online poker and other online games. Betfred reached the 500 shop mark in 2005, and their success continued for many years afterwards. For example, in 2013, the betting company introduced Betfred TV, which was available in all high street Betfred branches. 

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on the United Kingdom. All betting premises were forced to close on multiple occasions. When the shops reopened in 2021, they were limited in their capacity and were not allowed to contain live showings or chairs to encourage people to place their bets and leave. Despite the pandemic, Betfred announced it had made profits of £165 million.


What Does the Future Hold for Betfred?

Speaking in 2021, Betfred founder Fred Done explained that betting companies needed to ensure they were meeting customer needs. A significant focus for the company is to attract younger people. To do this, Done explained that the company would prioritise eSports, a growing area of the booming online gaming market. Fred Done also said that he thought introducing small bars into Betfred shops would be welcomed by customers.

Betfred has teamed up with Future Anthem, a data science firm, to provide users will a personalised gaming experience thanks to machine learning.


Coral betting shops are typically open between 7 am and 10 pm. To find the opening times for your local Coral shop, please use the shop locator on the Coral website.

The History of Coral


Joe Coral, born Joseph Kagarlitsky, was born in Poland in 1904 but migrated to England in 1912 in search of a better life. In his teen years, Joe Coral became a runner for local bookmakers and built a network of bookmaking contacts. In 1926, Coral started his own bookmaking business. By the time the Second World War broke out, he had owned one of the largest bookmaking businesses in the country. In the years after the war, Coral continued to expand into racing tracks, casinos, bingo halls and hotels, attracting a growing number of punters.

In 1996, Joe Coral died, and Coral was very briefly sold to Ladbrokes. However, the Monopolies and Mergers Commissions deemed the purchase as anti-competitive, and Coral was immediately sold to another buyer. Then, in 2005, Gala purchased Coral for over £2 billion, and the company became known as the Gala Coral Group. In 2009, Coral TV was launched from a purpose-built studio in Milton Keynes.

In 2017, Ladbrokes purchased Coral for the second time. However, this time, the purchase was approved as long as 400 shops were sold to other bookmakers. The next year, Ladbrokes Coral was purchased by GVC Holdings for a reported £4 billion. In 2020, after a string of lawsuits and scandals, GVC Holdings rebranded to Entain and announced it would withdraw its operations from countries with unregulated gambling by 2023. In the same year, Ladbrokes Coral renewed its focus on its digital offering and unveiled the first of their' betting shops of the future' which contained Racing Post Digital Betting Shop Displays and a new EPOS system. 


Most Ladbrokes betting shops are open between 7 am and 10 am. However, if you want to find the opening times for your local Ladbrokes branch, use the shop locator. Today, Ladbrokes is one of the most successful bookies in the United Kingdom with a long, interesting history.

The History of Ladbrokes

The company was founded at Ladbroke Hall, Warwickshire, by two men called Pendleton and Schwind. Later, in 1902, a man named Arthur Bendir joined the partnership. He helped the business expand into London's elite gentlemen's clubs. By 1913, Ladbrokes purchased an office in Mayfair and started to focus on attracting racetrack punters. This was when Helen Vernet joined the partnership. Helen enjoyed gambling and spent a considerable amount of time at the racetrack. During her time there, she noticed that the women in attendance wanted to place bets and began taking bets from some female punters. However, her activities were unlicensed, and she was soon discovered by the law. Her activities caught the eye of Ladbrokes' Arthur Bendir, who recruited her to attract female punters both on and off the racetrack.

After World War II, Mark and Cyril Stein purchased Ladbrokes, pivoting the company's activities away from exclusively the upper classes to the working classes to grow their client base. After the 1960 Betting and Gaming Act passed, the company opened several legal betting shops and diversified its portfolio to include hotels, casinos. In 1967, the company went on the London Stock Exchange. By the middle of the 1970s, Ladbrokes owned well over 1,000 premises. Over the next 20 years, the company bought and sold several assets such as home stores, hotels and casinos as its financial fortunes changed.

In 2017, Ladbrokes purchased Coral, creating the Ladbrokes Coral Group. The company became one of the largest gambling companies in the United Kingdom, consisting of roughly 4,000 betting shops employing 30,000 people. In 2018, Ladbrokes Coral was purchased by GCV Holdings, now rebranded as Entain.

The Future of Bookies

Gamblers are increasingly choosing to spend their money online. Fred Done, the former chief executive of Betfred, a shareholder in William Hill, was recently interviewed about what he believes the betting shop of the future should look like. In an interview with Racing Post, Done said: "If we carry on as we are now I think we'll go the same way as the dinosaurs and betting shops will die." Done explained that the industry needs to attract young people, as the average age of punters is around 50-years-old.

Done explained that eSports is a particular area of interest to him. Done said: "I see a future in eSports and one in which young people can come into a betting shop and bet against each other with the bookmaker becoming the bank. I would be doing this in big city centres as opposed to neighbourhoods. I definitely think it's worth throwing a few million at some pilot schemes and seeing where we get."

Done also said how he'd like bars to become a feature of betting shops. He said: "I would love to put small bars in our shops. Adults can go into a casino and have a drink while playing. Why can't that happen in a betting shop? Betting shops need to be more based on entertainment and leisure, as opposed to hardcore gambling. They need a softer approach. Maybe we don't even call them betting shops?"

Many in the industry saw the coronavirus pandemic 'pause' as a time to think about the future of betting shops. Technical advancement has presented a significant challenge to brick and mortar shops as more punters choose to gamble online, either on a computer or on their mobile phones. The industry is not struggling; the money is still being spent online. The problem is that less money is spent in brick and mortar shops. 

The Future Shops 

Bookies in the United Kingdom have to choose the right way to save brick and mortar betting. One approach is to follow the American model in some flagship shops. The US sportsbooks are grand places, filled with giant screens with a bar-like feel. A big city betting shop could be changed to have a similar feel. The shops could sell food and drink to keep punters entertained for longer. Betting shops would feel like a nicer place to spend time.

Online Betting

Online betting has become incredibly popular over the last decade. In many ways, online betting offers everything punters want: bets on a wide variety of sports and events from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, online betting typically provides access to more promotions, boosts and betting opportunities. Most betting websites allow you to play games that are unavailable in shops, such as video slots, live games and table casino games.

Do Betting Shops Have a Future?


According to William Hill's CEO Ulrik Bengtsson, the rumours of the death of the betting shop have been exaggerated. This comes after the company had already closed 700 shops in 2019, and a further 119 betting shops did not reopen after lockdowns. William Hill announced that the revenue across their betting shops had decreased by 30 per cent, a loss of £29.5 million in UK retail alone.

In 2020, he said: "I think the rumour of the death of the high street bookie is over-exaggerated. It has a very important role to play for William Hill. Our customers enjoy the retail experience, they like to come down to the shop to hang out with friends or watch the racing and it is an experience that on the whole online cannot provide. We are not naive in any way, we do recognise that there are changes to the ecosystem, but again we are ahead of the curve on that. We have already made big changes to our estate so we feel we are very well equipped to take on what's coming after 2020." 

Bookies Near Me Opening Times 

Bookies such as Ladbrokes, Coral, and Betfred are typically open between 7 am and 10 pm in the United Kingdom. However, opening times vary between brands and locations. You can find the opening times for your local branch online using the Ladbrokes, Coral and Betfred shop locators.

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